Motivational Speaking


MJDowell & Associates firmly believe that we all posses innate talents that are either unrealized or underutilized. Speeches are focused on raising awareness on the leadership qualities within us all—and to tap into, develop and maximize them. 

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MJDowell & Associates' flagship service, “The Leader Within” workshop is a half-day session designed for corporations, nonprofit organizations, small business owners, managers and professionals looking to tap into and maximize their human capital asset.

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Coaching & Mentoring


Mary has been recognized throughout her career for developing and implementing sustainable first-time initiatives, policies and programs that help manage high-level performance goals for individuals within national and global organizations.

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Human Resources Consulting


Mary's executive professional Human Resources experience, combined with strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills, makes her a natural partner for various corporate and community organizations to help meet their short and long-term HR needs.

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