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Mary J. Dowell is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MJDowell & Associates, a management consulting group with emphasis in Motivational Speaking, Leadership Workshops, Career Coaching, Human Resources, and Philanthropy. She is also an Award-Winning Author of Playing Through The Fence, a book that is part memoir, part self-help for emerging leaders or anyone seeking inspiration while facing obstacles in her career journey. Nineteen women share powerful reflections of fortitude and accomplishments in their lives and careers, sometimes against what seemed like impossible odds, as they challenged barriers on their paths to success.

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In her book, Playing Through the Fence, Mary shares her personal story along with those from 18 other women who have overcome challenges, bias and stereotypes with perseverance and determination to achieve personal and career success. She uses her life experiences at speaking engagements to inspire each of us to find the leader within us all and remind us that where there is obstacle, there is opportunity.

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 As facilitator and coach for all types of corporate and community events, Mary tailors her leadership workshops and coaching sessions to her audience and engages them in challenging, interactive activities to extract and maximize each individuals leadership potential. She has been recognized throughout her career for implementing proven processes that deliver strong and sustainable results.

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