Mary DowellMary J. Dowell’s “Playing Through The Fence” is a collection of short stories from women who share their experiences overcoming challenges, bias and stereotypes to achieve personal and business success. Using the book and these stories as a backdrop, Mary’s speaking engagements are highly motivational and designed for corporate environments looking to promote employee development/engagement as well as affinity groups of professionals aspiring to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Mary’s discussion focuses on leadership, particularly for the development of women and youth, and is based on her years of mentoring and coaching in corporate environments. With her firm belief that we all posses innate talents that are either unrealized or underutilized, Mary’s speeches are focused on raising awareness on the leadership qualities within us all—and to tap into, develop and maximize them.

Mary serves as Mistress of Ceremonies at various business and community events, facilitator for panel discussions, and panelist for various women and leadership events. For more information on any of these services or to inquire about availability and cost, click here or call 414-708-9935.